Posted by: sutan r.h. manurung | March 22, 2011

Some Confusing Words

Kata “People” selalu berarti plural/jamak, jadi harus diikuti dengan yang berhubungan dengan jamak. Contoh : people Are, people neeD. Hal yang sama dengan “Children” , ” BookStore”.

Someone’s Family selalu berbentuk jamak/plural.

Auxiliary Verb / Kata Kerja pembantu.

I don’t like work on weekend. Harus digunakan work, seperti Simple Present Tense.

We sere caught by the traffic jam  : Kami terjebak kemacetan.

7 pM – 8 PM – 9 PM : Good Evening. Kata Good Night digunakan bila sudah diatas 9 PM atau larut malam.

The Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. Students and young travelers can stay in the dorm cheaply.

If I have more money, I WOULD be able to treat you for a dinner. Ini adalah contoh dalam IF CLAUSE.

They were sitting on the floor while were reading books. atau ” while read book. ”

After the storm passed, the boatmen found that the engine wouldn’t start. (sehabis would : modals, harus Verb form 1)

Because “of” reading books is my hobby.

What sort of houses do people live in ? (Sort of : menunjukkan mostly, kebanyakan)

Reachable : menunjukkan place/tempat


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