Posted by: sutan r.h. manurung | March 22, 2011


A Conjunction word is a word which is used to join words, phrases and sentences. Examples of conjunctions are : and, but, or, because, since, as, so, if, unless, although, when, while, before, after, until, either, either ..nor, so, that, such…that.

a. conjunction “and” : used to join two related words, phrases or sentences

b. conjunction “but” : used to join two contrasting words, phrases or sentences

c. conjunction “or” : used to join two choices

d. conjunction “because”, “since”, “as” : join sentences and explain why certain actions are done. they introduce adverbial clauses of reason.

e. conjunction “so”, “so…that”, “such…that” : join sentences and give the result of actions. some are used to introduce adverbial clauses of result.

f. conjunction “if” and “unless” : used to jin sentences. one of the sentences must be a condition. “If” and “unless” introduce Adverbial Clauses of condition. For the conjunction “unless”, the action mentioned must be followed by an opposite condition.

g. conjunction “although” : is used to join two sentences when the action is done in spite of the condition. it introduces Adverbial Clauses of Consession

h. conjunction “when”,”while”,”before”,”after”,”until” : join two sentences which are related to each other through time. they introduce Adverbial Clauses Of Time

i. conjunctions in pairs : “either …or”, “neither…nor”, “so…that”, “such…that”, “not…only” “but also”, “both…and”


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